IIntroducing Barkware's Interactive Dog Ball: the ultimate play companion for medium to large dogs with a penchant for aggressive chewing. Crafted from durable hard rubber and tough plastic, this ball withstands all weather conditions thanks to its IP54 waterproof rating. It’s not just a ball; it’s a technologically advanced toy featuring customizable sounds, a bright LED laser for visual excitement, and a variety of movement options including spinning, bouncing, rolling, and vibrating to keep your dog engaged.

Easily replaceable outer shells extend its lifespan, ensuring endless fun. Control the action with a sophisticated mobile app, allowing you to adjust settings, schedule playtimes, and maintain a seamless connection via Bluetooth. Equipped with a long-lasting battery for continuous play and designed to perform on various terrains, this ball promises not only to entertain but to stimulate your dog’s mind and body. With Barkware's Interactive Dog Ball, your pet’s playtime is elevated to an unparalleled level of fun and interaction.



  • Robust Build for Tough Play: Crafted with a hard rubber outer shell and a hard plastic interior, ensuring durability for aggressive chewers.
  • All-Weather Fun Guaranteed: IP54 waterproof rating makes it perfect for play in any conditions.
  • Interactive Features for Unlimited Fun: Equipped with a built-in speaker offering various sound options, including the ability to custom record, and a bright LED laser ring for visual stimulation.
  • Smart Design for Easy Use: Features an easily replaceable outer shell, extending the toy's life without needing a complete replacement.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life: Designed with a battery capacity that supports 24 hours of runtime at maximum usage, including a USB-C charging port for convenience.
  • Mobile App Integration: Control settings, change functions, and schedule playtimes with a user-friendly mobile application, enhancing the interactive experience through Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Versatile Movement Options: Offers multiple movement capabilities like spinning, bouncing, rolling, and vibrating, to keep your dog engaged and entertained.
  • Safety and Quality Assured: Comes with a minimum 1-year warranty for internals and outer shell, specifically covered for manufacturing errors.